We provide investment management services for families and small businesses.

We manage multiple investment strategies that vary in risk/return composition. We spend time with our clients to understand their investment goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance so that they can select a suitable investment strategy. To document the investment program, we provide a written Investment Policy Statement that details the return objectives, investment risks, portfolio constraints, and asset allocation targets. We provide timely account information and welcome ongoing dialogue with our clients to help them keep abreast of changing market conditions.

We believe the best way to maximize returns within a given risk profile is through effective asset allocation. We use analysis and judgment to determine the percentage of the portfolio to allocate to each asset class. We then thoroughly research fund managers to select what, in our opinion, are the best funds for each asset class. Recognizing that fees and taxes are an important element of overall return, we prefer long-term holdings of low-cost, no-load mutual funds. The asset classes that we currently evaluate include the following (note that we typically do not invest in all asset classes at all times):

  • US large cap stocks
  • US small/mid cap stocks
  • International stocks
  • Investment grade bonds
  • International bonds
  • Municipal bonds
  • High yield bonds
  • Real estate securities
  • Commodity futures
  • Cash and equivalents


We are compensated based on a percentage of assets under management. As an independent, fee-only firm, we do not receive commissions for the sale of mutual funds, insurance, or any other financial product.